We believe in a world where adoption is more affordable and people have a better experience.

Hi, we are Josh and Catherine Montgomery.

Adoption Story Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that was established because there’s too many amazing parents who can’t bring their children home due to adoption costs. 

Catherine, a licensed social worker, has been working in the foster care and adoption field for the last 5 years. Not long after she started, her heart broke for children without families which led to both Catherine and Josh wanting to adopt.

Josh devoted his life’s work to the charity sector graduating with a degree in Nonprofit Management and has worked in the field for the last 5 years developing a unique passion for fundraising and development.

It began with asking the question of why is adoption so expensive? Using both of our passions and experience, we saw a need to help.  

Join us in bringing more families together. We need your help.

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Adoption Story Fund
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