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Currently, we're primarily seeking applicants for local fundraisers.

Here is a detailed breakdown of a local fundraiser consists of: Click Here

We cannot guarantee that all who apply will receive direct support from Adoption Story Fund. As each adoption is different, each fundraising party or grant will also look different. However, we are working every day so that we can help fund as many families as possible.

We want to hear your story and please answer a few questions below. Whether you are selected or not selected to receive support from us, we will let you know. If you are selected, we will contact you directly and walk you through the next steps.

Please read our Values first and click here if you agree.
First and Last Name of Applicant #1
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What type of adoption are you doing?
Where are you at in your adoption process?
What type of support are you interested in?
Please tell us how much your overall adoption will cost and approximately when you anticipate your adoption will finalize. Household Income   How many years have you been married?
Previously Divorced?
Tell us your story. Please tell us about your marriage, your adult life if you are single and your relationship with God. Explain how your Christian faith is important to you. Please tell us about your family and what that looks like. Explain when you met as a couple, unless single. We want to hear from both the husband and wife. Do you currently have children? If so, please tell us about them. Tell us about your current work situation and any other sources of income that help support the household. Help us understand who you are as a person and family.
Tell us why you are adopting. Tell us what convinces you adoption is right for your family. Why is adoption important to you? What has been your experience so far? What has been the most frustrating part of your adoption journey? Do you have any other experience with adoption through friends or family? Have you been seeking funding (in the past or currently) outside of Adoption Story Fund? If so, tell us more about that. How would a grant from Adoption Story Fund impact you directly and why would it be significant?
Please briefly explain how you plan on raising this child or children? How will you share and model Christ in your home to them?
*Please upload a current picture of you.
*Please submit a letter from your adoption agency stating where you are currently in the adoption process.
Do you have your approved home study?  Yes No
If yes, email a copy of your approved home study to:
If not, when do you anticipate receiving your approved home study?
*Please upload a letter from a pastor or leader at your church acknowledging your desire to adopt and their support.
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 * Please read this carefully before agreeing. By clicking, you are agreeing to the following: Grants and local fundraisers are for the sole and express purpose of reimbursing Qualified Adoption Expenses. You do not have the right to disagree or challenge the amount of grant if awarded at whatever amount by Adoption Story Fund. Applicants who are considered for fundrasiers or grants, will be followed up by Adoption Story Fund to do a further follow up on references and information given during the application. Qualified Adoption Expenses are those reasonable and necessary adoption fees, court costs, attorneys’ fees, and other expenses that:

  • Are directly related to, and the principal purpose of which is, the legal adoption of an eligible child
  • Are not incurred in violation of state or federal law or in carrying out any surrogate parenting arrangement
  • Are not expenses in connection with the adoption of a child who is the child of a grantee’s spouse (step-parent adoption)

An “Eligible Child” means an individual who has not attained age 18 or is physically or mentally incapable of caring for him or herself. By signing below, Grantees acknowledge the following:

  • All Qualified Adoption Expenses reported by Grantees are truthful and have been incurred or are reasonably expected to be incurred. All other expenses in excess of the grant amount awarded are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Grantees.
  • Grantees in turn grant to Our Adoption Story the right to use their names, likenesses, and non-confidential factual details of Grantees’ adoption for the purpose of promoting the charitable services of Our Adoption Story across all media platforms, including doing a photography/video shoot to share their story. This includes but is not limited to: social media, donor letters, cards, the Our Adoption Story website, brochures, posters, banners, email, newsletter, videography, fundraising collateral and event collateral.
  • Grantees believe and agree to the Statement of Values signed when Grantees submitted their application.